Happy Accident

Jazz musicians are, in my humble opinion, some of the best musicians on the planet. Not only is their facility impressive, but their depth of knowledge, creativity, innovation, and adaptability is astounding.

Concerning adaptability, Jazz musicians have a very developed and innate method to translate the unintended into intended. A jazz musician will grab onto an ‘accident’, utilize the mishap, and apply it in such a way that it fits the mode and aesthetic of what is happening musically.

Similarly, when something unexpected happens during our creative process, we can learn to accept the ‘accident’ as a ‘happy accident’ rather than something problematic. More importantly, knowing how and when to openly integrate the ‘accident’ is when we start to achieve mastery.

One thought on “Happy Accident

  1. How true that is, in my own experience in improvising when I made a mistake I quickly “mobilized” and created a different element that not only camouflaged the mistake, but luckily was as good if not better than what I originally was trying to achieve


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