‘The Turn’, Chapter 1

Beginning today, every Sunday’s post will be dedicated to a case study, real-world story, to reveal how creativity functions in the lives of others and those around us.  Entitled, ‘The Turn’, each installment’s intent is to provide you, the reader, with supplemental content, words of encouragement, and hope. Without further adieu, I present Chapter 1 of ‘The Turn.’ :

‘The Turn’, Chapter 1

*This story carries irony, given today is Mother’s Day. For the sake of my confidence, let us assume it was planned…*

I was recently poking around on Linkedin, stumbling with vapid intent, and landed on a published letter written by a mother to her child. The mother, a high-level accomplished executive at Apple, penned a very touching and compassionate note to her son, whom recently graduated receiving a BA with honors in songwriting.

My immediate emotion, post read, was ‘hope.’ Parental expectations aside, this mother openly expressed her support for her son’s individuality and his pursuit of happiness. I stepped outside of the story and thought about the majority of artists and what that majority faces when aspiring to greatness.

Think of your own life. Examine your own families’ position on the subject. Or consider how that relationship might exist in the life of someone you know. You soon realize that most if not all of us are not so lucky. To be on the receiving end of that level of compassion is uncommon. Sadly, it’s rare. More often than not, our passion and desire to differentiate is tragically crushed by those we lean on or call family. Yes, some support the artistic and strange intellectual journeys of those they care for, but only do so in private. Rarely do you see such public support and avidity.   

It was as if this mother was entering into a social contract or rather a means to publically motivate others to acknowledge the greater good of what an artist sacrifices for humanities’ benefit. Her tone was genuine, not overwhelming. The message was direct but carried ubiquitous relevance.

My wish is to see others forge an equally meaningful relationship and level of understanding. Internalize it, promote it, encourage it, and help others achieve a similar level of humanity.

Read it for yourself…


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