Rinse and Repeat

A true sign of intelligence is taking complexities and distilling them into clear relatable terms. One individual that consummately exemplified the ability was famed physicist, Richard Feynman. Feynman had a natural aptitude to take some of Physics most elusive and challenging subjects, break them down into digestible components, and then help create a composite narrative with such clarity that even a child could comprehend.

What’s the artistic relationship?

Artists have to be students of their discipline and craft. Not only to better inform their work but to gain institutional knowledge that can be passed onto future artists.

I wanted to use Feynman as the subject not only because of the aforementioned but also because this week would have marked his 100th birthday. Among the countless lessons and immense contributions, he also provided us with a straightforward method to learn more effectively.

The Feynmann Method of Learning:

1) Choose a concept and study it quickly

2) Teach it to someone, like a child, who is unfamiliar with the topic

3) Revise to fill in the gaps

4) Review and simplify (repeat step 2 and 4 until you can explain the concept in your own words)



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