Relativity and Frame of Reference

I was recently thinking about the way in which we tend to compare ourselves to others in terms of accomplishment. What we often fail to do is recognize how time plays a crucial role in our own timeline of accomplishments, relatively speaking.

Within the subject of special relativity, there is a time space concept known as the Lorentz Transformation. In theory, its’ function is to facilitate a relationship between 2 objects, juxtaposed in space time. If object A exists in its own reference frame, fully aware of its’ velocity, distance, and time then the Lorentz Transformation can be applied so that Object B knows its’ behavior and location relative to Object A.  Even if those axis’s become rotated, the relationship remains intact.

The connection? 

We might perceive ourselves as moving at different speeds, but relative to our own timeline, we our rapidly moving. How fast we travel into the future should be determined by our own axis and not the one we are trying to align ourselves with.

After all, everyone experiences light at the same speed….


Image result for special relativity




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