Dialing In the New Year

Like signal flow, one year feeds into the next.

Thinking along analogous terms and how we find creative direction sparked a thought.

Rupert Neve introduced the revolutionary Neve 1073 Mic Pre/eq in the summer of 1970. With amazing tone, warmth, mid-forward presence, and a remarkably smooth top end, the 1073 has remained uncompromisingly unique. It’s engineering incorporated 2 high-quality input/output transformers, 3 bands of EQ, with one fixed high-frequency band, two switchable bands with cut and boost capability, and a high pass filter.

Focusing our attention on the switchable bands, we note 2 dual concentric knobs. The base dial to select the frequency and then the top dial to either boost or cut the selected frequency. As fate might have it, the selectable frequencies are stepped, or fixed.

Similarly, we are given a set of predetermined frequency centers. Human nature is to move back and forth along the curve in search of the sweet spot. However, we never recognize our 2nd dial, one that introduces choice. How we want that band to exist in our lives and how we want to present that band to others is an opportunity for change. Perhaps the low midrange presence at 360hz seemed initially good but when amplified only created problematic masking. Perhaps we could have cut @ 110hz for more room but we were fearful the rest of the track would fall apart. Feeding forward, we have to remember that these bands are not meant to exist in their permanent state, each one receives a different source with a different purpose. We might only have 5-6 frequency choices, but we can model the manner in which these choices affect our output.

As we feed forward to 2019, reach for the 2nd dial. Be confident and boost, be humble and cut. We’re meant to produce our best output.

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