Personal Op-Ed: Self Worth

A momentary editorial departure

When a negative force threatens our integrity and dignity, how do we remain resilient? Wall or no wall, I want to directly communicate the following to those that work for our safety and well being: keep the hope alive. Any type of suffering induced by a self-obsessed agenda is inhumane and those suffering from this shutdown, the longest ever, should know better than anyone else, that deep down their dedication and selflessness will keep us on the right side of a different wall; the side where empathy cultivated by courage will never allow shame to cross over.

It is troubling to witness the internal dismantling of our own security and labor forces as a response to unsubstantiated threats. It seems contrary in nature to create vulnerabilities within our own infrastructure and leave a potential security breach up to chance. Not to mention wildfires without mitigation and reduced food inspections. Cruel as this situation has become, our best foot forward is to ensure we are taking care of one another.

Those who continue to work for our sustainability represent the best of us. They carry our pride and rightfully have intrinsic self-worth of immeasurable value. Genuine survivors with strength. A purpose will meet the occasional impasse, but it will always persevere through the bad. And that comes in the form of identity. Not identity politics, but the identity that continues to be built from a place that transcends politics. It is the expectation that our sacrifice for an inherent belief is what drives and defines us. The instant those beliefs come under fire by an abusive power is the moment we activate our values and rediscover our “why.” When we recognize in our own humility the importance, and right, to support each other, we collectively stay on the side of empathy.

To those impacted, your work and talent can never be replaced. You have and will always stand taller than any wall, no matter how high.

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