Hindsight is 20/20 & 20/20 is Superposition

A decade has passed. 3650 days, 87600 hours, and 5.256e+6 seconds later, 2020 is here. But at any rate, this uniquely positions us to evaluate, analyze, understand, and create a better path forward. That is, a clearer perspective, allowing the past to inform the present, but not allowing the future to overwhelm the present. Easier said than done, but perhaps finding the connection and relationships made across our timeline is a way to better inform each incremental step forward. Incidentally, I often seek perspective through curiosity and application. Consider the following:

Take our current year, ‘2020’, and split it into 2 locations; a superposition if you will. The ’20’ (a) of our past’ informing the ’20’ (b) of our future, both connected by inference. We know each location to be different, and we know that (a) & (b) exhibit a relationship in their respective system. And for our understanding, we can assume that both remain entangled by cognition. Further, when we attempt to make sensible and sound decisions, we are continually referencing each, and using their summation to produce an outcome. Therefore, if we want our individual system’s to produce a desired outcome, you must be willing and be open to access each state. It can give way to effectively understanding the connection that our past state is bridged to our future state through our present ability to recognize both, simultaneously.

If we desire clarity through improved vision, we need to accept that hindsight is indeed ‘2020’; it is our past and future states in the present. Use it to see where you want to go. 

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