Balance and Style

When is the last time you keenly watched a turntable’s stylus careen around a vinyl record? Probably not recently, if ever.

However, at that microscopic level, magnified by an order of 1000x, you can witness the actual system at work. A delicate balance of weight, size, physics, precision, and style.

Similarly, our ‘true north’ compass comes equipped with a stylus to help track and navigate. Resilient but delicate, its’ subtle variance at all points, is in motion. Up down, and left to right all while moving forward.

As it ‘turns’ and processes reflexively, life is akin to that of the delicate stylus; anticipating, moving, and responding to maintain a balanced playback. Apply too much weight, the stylus distorts playback. Apply too little, the stylus jumps out of place. Balance the weight, tonearm, and anti-skid so it plays cleanly from start to finish is the art.

We have to recalibrate from time to time, from record to record. It can be a subtle change, but can make a world of difference. The experience, exposure, and intuition to reposition so that the symbiotic relationship between path and compass is ultimately a singular function. Working and learning but keeping you on course.

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