Internal/External Competition

Organizations and artists often face internal strife. Startups focus on proving out theories as to whom or what is of value and what should or should not be automated. Artists become distracted and debilitated by others’ ‘art’. When organizations observe their competition taking aggressive measures they respond in a similar fashion. Needless to say, these practices routinely erode morale, abrade loyalty, all while imposing a sense of disposable fungibility.

The intelligent, long term play, is to think forward. Not medially. Our work is best served when we compete for a better version of ourselves. We lose when we fight each other. We lose when we obsess over our competition. We lose when we scrape the barrel for extra cash. The bottom is a dead end. Consequently, individuals and organizations dissolve themselves for short term gains.

The answer?

Focus forward and cultivate. Elimination is a zero-sum game. Looking ahead is more. It is exercising your art, in confidence, to create your best self.

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