For many, the current tech-tooling-workflow environment is overwhelmed by options. On average, an employee at any medium sized company, is likely to utilize 5 separate, if not more, platforms, at any given time. However helpful these integrations may be, they’re also additive in nature. The deeper we travel in search of ‘version’s to improve our-workflow; the wider the depth. This depth then becomes a deep, difficult to navigate, sludge; with very little visibility.

Human nature is to seek out solutions, at the expense of time and at the peril of not knowing what we need. Our best tooling options are the ones we know we need to do our best work; to stay above water. To avoid the deep end. And to that end, our work is better served either as an extension of ourselves or the purpose that we are collectively connected to.

In almost any discipline, the best solution is a simple facilitator to what we already do. Not 10 alternatives.

Find the tooling that keeps you above water and moving forward.

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