Linear Vs. Logarithmic

News outlets are focused on visualizing the pandemic, illustrating the leading and lagging indicators to map the virus’s progression, behavior, and growth. Given what we know, statistically, the predictive approach intends to inform, as an approximation. Where it is. Where it is going. In this case, we’re following the data logarithmically. It shows change, rate, behavior, and can be used to model the future.

Incidentally, our current isolation is forcing a deeper, more personal, dilemma; choice. Human nature is to continually believe that choices will always persevere time. Now, the only choice is to make one or even several. For all of us, these coming weeks will involve several life changing decisions.

Despite the pain, we have to embrace the notion that each improvement will positively reform ourselves and each other. Each growth choice will escalate us from one plateau to the next, exponentially, to be more than a surviver. Time and choice are the two coefficients that we can use to influence a positive regression.

The world will not be the same, but it can be significantly better if we level up logarithmically.

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