Race to the Bottom

All our work is meant to serve a purpose, but for who and for what cost? Do you want to be an artist that is reliable and cheap or do you want your work to meet the demands of better clients and fans?

Leveling up is when you meet the demands of better clients and when your work provides a unique point of view.

Never settle.

Subtract to Add

A common knee jerk reaction when mixing down a record is to boost the equalisation of parts you want to emphasize. While that makes sense, in some cases, more often than not you end up boosting in other areas to compensate for level changes. However, many people fail to recognize that removing an unecessary element or reducing ‘problem’ areas is often more effective. Removing what we don’t want to help reveal what we want is a more efficient and balanced way to focus on what matters most, content wise.

We have to remember that adding is simply piling on; remove what we dont need to reveal the parts that matter most.