Working Together, but….

Ironically, human nature is an obstacle, in of itself, to progress. We form groups, collectives, and establish mission statements with the ‘right’ intent. Yet, ‘credit’ misaligns ‘impact. Recognition is fair only when it’s due and fair. Rich , not so smart, people continue to cut checks for recognition. Elitists maintain status through engravings. But, theyContinue reading “Working Together, but….”

Buying an experience vs. Making an experience

Cutting corners is, in actuality, a shorter path to nowhere. Artists that pay to be seen are con-artists. Artists that sublimate through doing the work, feeling the pain, and experiencing the growth are the artists that win. They are the ones that earn the right to call themselves artists. And they are, ultimately, the onesContinue reading “Buying an experience vs. Making an experience”

Linear Vs. Logarithmic

News outlets are focused on visualizing the pandemic, illustrating the leading and lagging indicators to map the virus’s progression, behavior, and growth. Given what we know, statistically, the predictive approach intends to inform, as an approximation. Where it is. Where it is going. In this case, we’re following the data logarithmically. It shows change, rate,Continue reading “Linear Vs. Logarithmic”


For many, the current tech-tooling-workflow environment is overwhelmed by options. On average, an employee at any medium sized company, is likely to utilize 5 separate, if not more, platforms, at any given time. However helpful these integrations may be, they’re also additive in nature. The deeper we travel in search of ‘version’s to improve our-workflow;Continue reading “Versions”

Internal/External Competition

Organizations and artists often face internal strife. Startups focus on proving out theories as to whom or what is of value and what should or should not be automated. Artists become distracted and debilitated by others’ ‘art’. When organizations observe their competition taking aggressive measures they respond in a similar fashion. Needless to say, theseContinue reading “Internal/External Competition”