What is generic? Generic relative to what exists on the market? Generic relative to what we know from our own experience? The issue isn’t with what is or isn’t ‘generic’, the problem we face is being able to eliminate self-doubt during the creative process. There is a time and place to be endlessly inquisitive, but there is no place for over-thinking when we are actively creating.

A tough and often overlooked discipline is learning how to develop boundaries between our various mental states. Never ‘think’. Do. Allow yourself to commit to every idea that naturally flows through you and execute it without hesitation. The art is not limited to the final product, but rather the process we struggle through to arrive at a destination.

Let’s be clear from the beginning; It’s an ugly business.

It is indeed, a very ugly business. Never, ever, let the industry tell you how to live. If you want to make a living writing music, do it but do it on your own terms. If you want to work a day job and still crank out top-notch material, that is your right and you’re entitled to be happy doing it. Remember that at the end of the day you create art for yourself.