6 Degrees + 5 People

Entrepreneur and author, Jim Rohn, once famously stated that ‘you are the average product of the 5 people you spend the most time with’. I believe there is truth to the law of averages and how your environment influences your surroundings. However, I want to introduce an addendum; while we are the average of several multiples around us, we are also the product of what lies beyond those multiples. The connection those multiples make with others and how we invariably become a network by 6 degrees of separation is where our connection and influence exists.

Artists grow not just by surrounding themselves with great people, but by knowing who surrounded those people.


Walls are not transfinite. If you find yourself pushing into a wall, step 5 feet back and move onto another path. Feeling a sense of end is debilitating and draining, not to mention a waste of talent. Seeing a dead end in plain sight should prompt an immediate sidestep. Perspective outwards is just as valuable as the ability to turn inwards and see yourself entirely. Path choice is about growth, don’t settle.

Choose Your Own Adventure

I first started writing music 10+ years ago because I despised the bureaucratic process of gigging. Writing music was my outlet and alternative avenue to reach audiences, more often than not larger than the rooms I would have played to. However, the motive changed when I started to recognize the uniqueness in the work I was doing. Ultimately, I started to write my path forward instead of music that would land me the one-off gig. The point? You have a choice to either write for someone or something that will provide a brief moment in the spotlight or you can choose to write your adventure of what you will ultimately become…..I would choose the latter.

Sound Stage

A studio control room needs precise and measured dimensions for accurate placement. Doing the work to ensure clarity, detail, and perspective makes our work that much easier. Developing an enduring mindset to exist on even footing, above the noise, is our way of improving signal clarity and strength. Like a good monitoring system for an accurate and detailed sound stage, the dimensions of our social constructs should allow for a propitious and developed sense of clarity.