Lifting Weights vs. Reading

There are those that try to fill the void with testosterone and there are those that are wholly intellectual. Insecurity reeks and some are seething with it. Sadly the way people are unaware of their own insecurity is similar to how an unsavory and heedless person avoids showering for 3 weeks, leaving the rest of us to inhale their self-absorbed miasma.

There is a difference; don’t become the ‘thing’ that drives you crazy. After all, if intelligent people are willing to stand up and deliver their work, the insecure and powerless will fall.

6 Degrees + 5 People

Entrepreneur and author, Jim Rohn, once famously stated that ‘you are the average product of the 5 people you spend the most time with’. I believe there is truth to the law of averages and how your environment influences your surroundings. However, I want to introduce an addendum; while we are the average of several multiples around us, we are also the product of what lies beyond those multiples. The connection those multiples make with others and how we invariably become a network by 6 degrees of separation is where our connection and influence exists.

Artists grow not just by surrounding themselves with great people, but by knowing who surrounded those people.


Definition of warrior:

a person engaged or experienced in warfare broadlya person engaged in some struggle or conflict.

-Merriam Webster


Walls are not transfinite. If you find yourself pushing into a wall, step 5 feet back and move onto another path. Feeling a sense of end is debilitating and draining, not to mention a waste of talent. Seeing a dead end in plain sight should prompt an immediate sidestep. Perspective outwards is just as valuable as the ability to turn inwards and see yourself entirely. Path choice is about growth, don’t settle.